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We've teamed up with Nulo, another great Austin brand, and created a very fun promotion this month. When you purchase a large bag of dog or cat food, you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a Fitbit. While your pet is eating healthy - keep up with your health too! In addition -

  • All small bags are $3 OFF
  • All medium bags are $4 OFF
  • All large bags are $5 OFF

Nulo set out to be a different kind of pet food company with no short cuts and using only the finest natural ingredients. Along with some of the brightest minds in the pet food industry, Nulo began creating unique recipes using lamb and salmon and paired them with yummy things like apples, carrots, lentils, and sweet potato.

Nulo also made a promise to keep its products the freshest recipes you’ll ever find on the store shelf. Nulo blends are made and distributed in smaller batches to ensure they spend less time on the shelf and taste better when they land in the bowl.

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The Village Shopping Center
2700 W Anderson Lane Suite 402
Austin, TX 78757

p: 512.451.1858